We are committed to enable young people, youth and professionals achieve their full potential as empowered individuals, constructive members of their communities, work place and the world.

STEM Magnent Shows

Ah ha moments to inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators. We provide magic shows consisting of many cool demonstrations that present science in a fun and engaging way.


We help you go beyond your limits, exceed your expectations and achieve what you thought was impossible. Your entire belief system changes, and you take your life to another level.

Guidance and Counselling

We offer Guidance & counseling services to guide youth to worthwhile channels, redirect and enable them realize the goals of optimum academic, personal and social development.

Mentoring Programme

We take personal interest in seeing that a mentee develops the talent and knowledge needed to succeed—have a successful career and contribute as much as possible to the school, workplace and community.

Team building

We conduct Team building activities that enable coworkers, teams and groups to work together to solve problems and improve their ability to think rationally and strategically. Team building in any environment enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity.

Speaking and Consulting

We develop presence to connect with and inspire others. We take time to build trust and credibility, and be clear and energetic.


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